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Commercial Paving


Let us show you how to transform your landscape. Brick pavers, stone and concrete block are set into sand, concrete or dry pack and joined together with a variety of materials. These applications adhere to the specified materials for an attractive and durable construction, which can accent your property. All concrete curbs, sidewalks and pavers adhere to those specifications required by the customer or can be designed especially to meet their needs.


Since concrete is one of the essentials of construction and plays a major part in the stability of a building, it is necessary that only experts are allowed to handle them. Our expertise and training will guarantee that everything takes place without a glitch. When it comes to concrete works there is no one that work within the confines of your budget.


Meadowbrook’s experienced and knowledgeable team and fully staffed office will provide a complete evaluation of your property, address your concerns, create a workable schedule and provide constant communication and minimal interruption to your tenants and patrons. Accent your landscaping with professional, clean looking sidewalks and curbs.


We specialize in producing high-quality, durable paved surfaces, walkways, and parking lots, for commercial and industrial properties Our clear vision of excellence and customer service enables us to meet and exceed your expectations. All this and more, plus Meadowbrook’s exclusive 100% guarantee on all workmanship and materials provided.

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