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Among the many services we offer are asphalt paving and repairs, concrete curbs and sidewalks, seal coating, line striping, landscaping, drainage, snow removal, pavers, retaining walls, power washing and much, much more.



Often requires the use of specialized milling and/or saw cutting equipment, as well as highly skilled operators and labor force. Next, all substandard base material is replaced with a new base and power compacted. The area then receives the specified depth of N.Y. State D.O.T. required asphalt, followed again with power compacting. A final application of a sealer is given to all edges to inhibit water damage. This process varies based solely upon the specifications and requirements of the customer. Meadowbrook Parking Area Contractors are Long Island Asphalt Paving Contractors. We provide asphalt paving in Nassau County and asphalt paving in Suffolk County.


Before the snow season prohibits your place of business from operating, contact Meadowbrook.

At Meadowbrook, our only focus is to restore safety and efficiency to your property with prompt, effective snow and ice management for your parking areas, roadways, sidewalks, and other surfaces.

When it snows, we're out there! With state-of-the-art plowing and snow removal equipment to ensure safe passage for you and your valued tenants.


We're always in contact with our dispatchers to respond to the latest emergencies and to maintain our own professional excellence, we're proud members of the

Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA).



We design, install and maintain all phases of landscape construction for commercial and industrial properties, including apartment complexes, gated communities, condominiums, corporate headquarters, golf courses, shopping malls, and more. Design and installation to include, site development, landscape design, seasonal plantings, lawn renovation, hydroseeding, and irrigation systems. Grounds maintenance programs include mowing, pruning/trimming of trees/bushes, mulching, and lawn treatment programs.


All of our power washing equipment is state of the art, energy efficient, high pressure mechanical sprayers. Our customer’s requests for pressure washing range from typical concrete sidewalks and roadways to the removal of loose paint, grime, mud and dirt, from building facades and brick finished walks and patios.


Area of drain installation is first excavated. The specified size drain lines are attached to the installed drains. This process is followed by back filling the soil into the drainage area then the area receives an application of base material which is power compacted. Often the area receives a specified depth of base material, asphalt and then power compacted to proper strength and resilience.


Line striping is performed with state-of-the-art motorized airless spray equipment. All of our line striping is performed by specially trained and certified applicators. All paint materials are state-approved, heavy-duty, 100% acrylic emulsion paint. Our high-performance paints are designed for bright, durable traffic markings on asphalt or concrete roadways. Our handicap stencils and designs meet all ADA requirements.


Let us show you how to transform your landscape. Brick pavers, stone, and concrete block are set into sand, concrete or dry pack and joined together with a variety of materials. These applications adhere to the specified materials for an attractive and durable construction, which can accent your property. All concrete curbs, sidewalks and pavers adhere to those specifications required by the customer or can be designed especially to meet their needs.


Mark out areas to be sealed, prepare lot, thoroughly cleaning the pavement free from all dirt, debris, and vegetation using brooms, air blowers, and/or power sweepers. Apply two coats of paving shield polymer-modified emulsion and sand slurry sealer. Approved silica sand is added to the sealer emulsion at the rate of 3100 lbs. per gallon to enhance skid resistance and coating durability. It is recommended that sealed areas should not be opened to pedestrian or vehicle traffic during the initial 24 hour curing period.


Mark area to receive hot-applied crack filling material. All areas of asphalt cracking ¼” or more are to be cleaned from all dirt, debris, and vegetation, by use of high-pressure air wands, automatic brushes, or similar equipment. These areas are then filled with a high-performance elastomeric acrylic crack filling compound from either direct fire or oil-jacketed kettles. This process extends the life of all paved areas by inhibiting water intrusion from damaging roadways and parking areas.

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